Life Insurance? Who Needs it?

Life insurance seems to be the last form of insurance we think about. Yet, it is as important to our lives and those of our family as health,home and auto. Life insurance provides money to pay debts, education for children, a comfortable life for them and our spouse. It protects a business in the event of a partner’s death, it pays for funeral expenses but also provides extra money for a more comfortable retirement. Who needs life insurance? You do!

Life Insurance Is A Valuable Plan To Help You Get Started

When’s the Right Time for Buying Life Insurance?

At SmartInsuranceRates, we would say anytime but major life events always seem to make us a bit more thoughtful about what we have and what we need to protect. Starting a new job, starting a new life with a partner, a new baby, new business or thinking of retirement all seem pretty good reasons to us. Life insurance with its many iterations can be confusing, let us help!

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What Are The Life Insurance Options?

Life insurance takes many forms. Term life insurance makes sense to protect a family during the highest earning years or to help pay a mortgage off.

Universal life cannot only protect a family but its cash value can be borrowed against and can even be a valuable investment tool. Guaranteed issue whole life can provide funeral expenses and is available at reasonable rates for people from 50-80 years of age.

Life Insurance

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