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After enrollment in a plan, whether Medicare or an Advantage plan, each Fall you will receive an annual notice of change if you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, which includes information about changes in costs, coverages and benefits. During the Open Enrollment (11/15 to 12/7), you may make changes in the following ways:

During this period you may:

  • Switch from Medicare to Medicare Advantage
  • Change from Medicare Advantage to regular Medicare
  • Change Medicare Advantage plans
  • Get a prescription drug plan if you have regular Medicare

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What’s The Right Medicare Advantage Plan For 2022?

What are your health insurance needs? Individual/family health plans, Medicare Advantage, Short term health even vision and dental are all available right here and easily comparable on our website.

  • Individual/Family health plans-plans to cover you and your family.
  • Medicare Advantage plans that provide attractive options to traditional Medicare.
  • Short term health for specified periods of time up to 12 months.
  • Vision and dental plans that defray the high costs of these two services.

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Steps to Save Money on Medicare Open Enrollment

  • Get to know your plan

As September rolls around, keep an eye on your mailbox for an “annual notice of change” from your Medicare plan.

  • Start Shopping

Once you’ve figured out the ins and outs of your plan, start shopping.

  • Compare Multiple Quotes

By comparing multiple quotes you can figure out which is best for you.

  • Get into the habit of planning

Medicare is essential to retirement planning. Working with your financial advisor can help you manage your premium costs.

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