It Is Important To Have Car Insurance Even If You Are an Unlicensed Driver

Regardless of whether a driver is licensed or not, it is mandated by law in the U.S. to carry valid auto insurance coverage for driving car legally on road. Failure to comply with federal and state insurance rules and regulations can attract stiff penalties. And in the worst scenario, car registration may even get cancelled.

Besides, if, as an unlicensed driver without insurance, you happen to meet with an accident or get involved a collision then you may have to foot the repair and medical bills on your own. And you may also have to engage services of a qualified attorney as you will likely be sued. As per National Safety Council (NSC) records, on an average drivers involved in car accidents end up paying at least $9,000 in damages.

You can still get a car insurance even if you don't have a license

Is It Really Possible To Get Car Insurance Without License?

It may seem difficult to imagine if it is really possible to get car insurance without valid driver’s license. But with every passing day, an increasing number of teens are seen driving cars and so, as per law having valid auto insurance coverage is mandatory. To that effect, even if you are a teen driver that is yet to secure a license but still drive your parent’s vehicle, it is important you get it insured especially when your name is not yet listed on your parent’s existing auto insurance policy.

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Things to Consider for Getting Car Insurance Without Valid Driver’s License

Here are 3 major aspects that you should know before researching options for buying car insurance with no driver’s license:

  • Selecting primary driver - When you are an unlicensed driver, it could be vital for you to make sure that you get the name of licensed driver listed as primary driver. The primary driver on the insurance coverage must be related to you closely either your spouse or blood relative. You can then get your name listed on the car coverage as an excluded driver.
  • Exclusion from car policy - You can stay on your spouse’s vehicle insurance policy as an excluded driver despite your being unlicensed. However, even if your spouse can purchase insurance for car, there is a chance that some auto insurance companies may deny you coverage as you are still not licensed to drive a car.
  • Primary driver’s residence - If primary driver named on car insurance policy is not your spouse but resides with you then you, even if unlicensed, can buy auto insurance and stay insured by getting your name added as an excluded driver. You can thereafter name of the person residing with you but has valid driver’s license as primary driver on the policy you have purchased.
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