Reasons For Buying Non Owner Car Insurance

Buying a non owner auto insurance policy could be worth the consideration if you do not own a car but still drive frequently either by borrowing a vehicle or getting one on lease. Such policies grant liability coverage protection to non owner car drivers against bodily injuries and property damages, which may result from an accident involving the borrowed or leased vehicle. We can assist you in finding the right type of non owner car insurance cover at the affordable price.

  • Proof for having insurance -Non owner car drivers have proof for having valid insurance coverage if caught by traffic inspectors.
  • Regularly borrowing vehicle -Having non owner auto insurance can be smart move for those who borrow cars on regular basis.
  • Yet to purchase new vehicle-You have sold your car and are yet to buy new one, cheap non owner can help maintain continuous coverage.
  • Individual versus family enrollment-more people covered higher premium

You can still get a car insurance even if you don't own it

Determine If You Really Need To Buy A Non Owner Car Insurance Coverage

Although you aren’t required to buy car insurance when you don’t own a vehicle, there could be few unique situations which might compel you to purchase non owner driver’s auto insurance. These may include the following.

  • You borrow car from a friend or relative frequently
  • You get cars on rent very often for whatsoever reasons
  • You have just sold your vehicle or won’t be driving your car for a longer time period because you are planning to go overseas for job or work.
  • You have been convicted for DUI or DWI offense leading to suspension of your driver’s license and need to file for SR-22 or FR-44 certification with state DMV.

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Who Needs Non owner Car Insurance Policy?

  • You rent your cars regularly - A non owner auto insurance cover could be a cost-effective option as it will give complete financial protection to your entire car fleet and finances.
  • You borrow vehicles regularly - Non owner car insurance can be purchased for supplementing the car owner’s personal auto insurance cover in the event of an accident involving the borrowed car.
  • You are using ride share service - Rideshare companies may have fleet policies which may cover fellow passengers but it is important that you know how much are the limits.
  • You are thinking of selling your car - You can buy non owner car insurance if you are planning to sell your existing car and purchase new one. Such a move may prevent lapse in coverage.
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